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Building Dental Brands Patients Understand

Dental marketing is part art and part science. Data provides our insights and our inspiration. It tells our dental marketing strategists exactly where to focus their recommendations for maximum impact. But data also needs authentic, engaging, and creative messages to connect with your audience. When used together to tell your story, the results of this union are undeniable.

At Golden Proportions Marketing, we are a dental marketing company who uses a strategic, custom approach to elevate your practice. We pride ourselves on seeing every dental office as a unique business, thoughtfully discovering your distinct needs so we can craft a solution and a message that produces the new patients you want to see.

Ready To Grow?

You want more new patients. The right new patients. And you’re here now because what you’re doing just isn’t working. Maybe you got a few new patients with your last dental marketing company, but definitely not enough. The reports you got (if you got any at all) didn’t make sense, and right now, you just feel overwhelmed trying to find a path forward. Does this sound familiar?

I'm tired.

I'm tired.

I’m tired of being burned by dental marketing companies who over-promise and under-deliver.

I deserve better.

I deserve better.

Dental insurance feels like a mafia shakedown. I deserve to keep more of what I produce.

No one is listening.

No one is listening.

I’m juggling multiple dental marketing companies and keep repeating the same thing over and over. Nobody seems to listen.

I've wasted money.

I've wasted money.

I’ve wasted a lot of money experimenting with the shiny new ideas that the “gurus” tell me I have to try.

I'm done.

I'm done.

I’m done playing games. My practice deserves real, results-driven marketing.

We aren't spying on you, we promise.
If this is what you've felt like, you're not alone.
We're here to guide you on a path to

marketing freedom.


Dental Website Design

Your practice isn’t like any other dental office. Your website shouldn’t be either. Using our in-depth discovery process, we write and design captivating, custom dental websites that tell your story with passion and authenticity. Every site is optimized for local search, because what good is a gorgeous dental website without landing on page 1?

Dental SEO

There are few marketing strategies as important as your dental website and its SEO. In fact, over 75% of Google search traffic comes from websites that rank on page 1. Our dental SEO team uses industry-leading strategies and tools to maximize your online presence. When you want to own the web, choose us for your dental SEO.

Dental PPC

With dental PPC, it’s all about clicks, calls, and conversions. Our campaigns maximize all three via conversion-driven ads and landing pages. And, every single campaign is tracked with Smart Market Dental call tracking to verify your ROI in real time. As a Google Partner Agency, our certified team creates success.

Dental Office Marketing Plans

Every one of our dental clients start with a strategic, data-driven dental marketing plan. Using your practice growth goals and insight gained from your practice data, we create a highly strategic plan designed to fit your budget. Plan progress is tracked and evaluated monthly so we can maximize your dental marketing ROI.

Photo & Video

When you want dental marketing that feels personal and real, and not like a cookie-cutter template, then you want custom photography and video. Our image team will come onsite to capture your office, your team, and your patients. We’ll interview patients for their testimonials, share what makes you “you,” and communicate your authentic and compelling story.

Call Tracking & ROI Software

You might think you know how well your dental marketing is working, but do you really know? Smart Market Dental not only captures and scores every dental marketing lead, but connects every call to a patient record for automated ROI tracking, helping you to save money. It’s time to be a very smart marketer.

Here's how it works

Marketing Breakthrough Call

Step 1: Marketing Breakthrough Call

Start by scheduling a free 30-minute call. We’ll learn a bit about your practice, help uncover why you aren’t seeing the results you want, and see if we can solve a problem or two along the way.

Dental Marketing Consultation

Step 2: Dental Marketing Consultation

The next step is a personal consultation with an experienced dental marketing strategist. We’ll get you thinking about your marketing and practice goals in a way that you likely never have before. At the end of that call, we’ll know if GPM can help your business. If we can’t, we promise to connect you to a resource who can.

Dental Marketing Audit & Plan Development

Step 3: Dental Marketing Audit & Plan Development

Research and data drives our marketing recommendations, so in this call we’ll capture a lot of information about your practice, your competition, and your market. We’ll turn that insight into a solid, strategic plan and a detailed marketing calendar that fits your budget. We’ll present our findings and decide together what dental marketing services are best for your practice.

Plan Implementation

Step 4: Plan Implementation

This is where the magic happens. In your launch call, we’ll introduce you to your dedicated marketing team, talk about timelines, and set expectations. Every client signs a partnership agreement that mutually agrees to open and honest communication, complete transparency, and a commitment to work together to get you the results you deserve. Then the creative team takes over to develop your message, and you get to review and approve a lot of very cool, very effective dental marketing.

Measure, Analyze, Adjust

Step 5: Measure, Analyze, Adjust

Data doesn’t lie, so everything that can be measured will be measured. It’s the very best way to ensure your story has connected with prospective patients. We will provide complete transparency of your results in regular review calls, and we’ll adjust things along the way based on what we see. We will stand behind the work we do because we are your partner in this journey.

We believe you


A steady flow of new patients.

An increase in revenue every single year.

Higher quality patients and higher value cases.

A polished, professional brand you are proud to represent.

Less stress and more profit so you can spend time on what really matters – your family and your life.

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Dental Marketing Questions?

We’ve Got All the Answers

Choosing a dental marketing company should feel similar to hiring a new member of your team. You need to interview them. Talk to references. Make sure they share your culture and your values. Done right, your dental marketing partner should feel like an extension of your practice. Talk to the dental marketing companies on your list about their process, who will be assigned to your account, how they measure and report their results, and generally what to expect. A great dental marketing company can help you reach your new patient goals, but will also make sure those same new patients stay in the practice and send their friends and family to you. Do your homework and take your time. We’d rather make sure we’re right for each other!

Ahhh, the budget question. It’s a smart question with a complicated answer because, “it depends.” A dental practice who wants explosive growth should budget 7-9% of collections towards marketing. If you want strong, steady growth, 4-6%. And if all you need to do is replace the people who move or pass away, you still need about 2-3%. But like we said, it depends. It depends if your dental office is in midtown Manhattan or a small town in Iowa. Are you a startup? If so, budgeting on collections isn’t going to work, so you’ll have to allocate money you haven’t made yet. Maybe you’re two years from selling and want to ramp up new patients to increase your valuation. Like we said, there are a lot of factors to consider. Basically, the best way to answer that question is with a call.

Full-service means exactly that – one company who manages every aspect of your marketing. A proper full-service agency should help you develop a strategic dental marketing plan, execute every aspect of the marketing (and this should be done in-house, not sent out to a rotating list of freelancers), and then serve as your Chief Marketing Officer to advise and direct your ongoing efforts. We think of it this way: What good is hiring a company to get you calls if they don’t appoint? And how about maximizing those new patients by making sure they refer their friends and family? That’s why we develop and manage literally everything you need, with just one call.

Dental Marketing Questions

Here's what success looks like.

We could tell you all about our incredible client service, our attention to detail, our creativity, and our strategic insight, but that might look like bragging. So we’ll let our clients tell you instead.