Dental Office Marketing Plans

Dental Office Marketing Plans

It's time to plan for success

You don’t want to operate on a wish and a prayer when it comes to your dental practice. You’ve put your time, money, and passion into creating a respected local business, so “Let’s throw something on the wall and see if it sticks” is clearly not an appealing dental marketing strategy. And yet, you don’t recall taking any marketing classes in dental school, which leaves you skimming social media forums and watching sales-pitchy marketing webinars for ideas. That’s a sure path to mediocre (if any) results.

Every Practice and Plan Is Unique

As a dentist, you start nearly every new patient with a comprehensive exam. It’s how you get to know their baseline health, their smile goals, and it’s how you develop a treatment plan. An experienced dental marketing company operates the same way. Our plans are driven by intensive market and demographic research, practice performance metrics, and a clear understanding of your practice growth goals.

With two decades of experience developing dental office marketing plans, our team of strategists have written custom marketing plans for over 2,000 dental practices. You can count on our experience to guide you on a path to predictable success.

Our planning process follows four critical steps:


Discovery and Data

Our in-depth interview and data audit teaches us what you value and what’s really going on in your practice. We’ll look for missed opportunities with lead conversion, patient retention, case closures, and more.



We review everything. Your current marketing, your competition, your market, and your practice demographics. Seriously, everything. Because without proper research, your plan is just a guess (and most likely a template.)



Our dental marketing experts use this time to compare where you are, to where you want to be. All that research and data tells us where you’re stuck, which then tells us what strategies are needed to unstick you.



We put all this knowledge into a mental blender and out comes your very own comprehensive dental office marketing plan. Strategies are explained, a calendar maps out your implementation and budget, and suddenly the path forward is much clearer.

Annual Planning

Dental office marketing plans are not a “one and done” type thing. Each new year should be met with a comprehensive, custom plan specifically designed for your new annual goals. Your goals change every year, and your plan must evolve to meet those goals. Every one of our full-service clients receives a new annual plan, complete with goal driven strategies, a deadline driven execution calendar, a budget, and maximum dental marketing ROI.

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Its time for dental marketing success

It All Starts With a Plan

When you invest in your practice with a strategic plan, you can finally experience predictable growth, backed by KPI’s that prove the impact so you feel good about your investment in marketing. No more “silver bullet” marketing ideas. No more, “it worked for my friend so it should work for me.” Don’t spend another year marketing your dental practice on a wing and a prayer. Plan for your future. Plan for success.

Dental Office Marketing Plan Questions & Answers

You probably think we’re going to say dental websites or social media, right? Wrong. If we had to pick just one dental marketing strategy we’d tell dentists to treat their patients like gold. Because that’s really what they are. An incredible new patient experience, repeated consistently at every subsequent visit, is worth reviews, referrals, and a lot of name-dropping among friends. And that is pure dental marketing gold.

The best ROI comes from dental marketing ideas that engage people who have reached the bottom of the marketing funnel. (want to learn more about the dental marketing funnel? Read this.) Strategies such as dental social media and advertising tend to be top of the funnel ideas, meaning they are important brand awareness tools but the prospective patient is likely still researching their options, so you may not see as much direct action. The further down the dental marketing funnel you go, the closer someone is to a decision. That’s why dental websites or dental ppc campaigns can feel the most effective, when in reality there were a lot of steps along the way that impacted that new patient’s decision. So the answer is…every dental marketing idea can have the best ROI depending on your point of view!

Dental marketing takes time. You’re going to have development time up front (designing a logo, building a website or landing page, establishing a social media audience, etc.), and often your marketing can’t start until those communication tools are ready. You should start to see a steady flow of calls in about 3 months from Google Ads or social media ads, 6 months from SEO for an established dental website, in the first 2-3 drops of direct mail, and the first 3-4 months of radio and TV. You’ll get some nibbles in the beginning on all of these, but consistent, predictable new patients do take time. We’ll continue to adjust your campaigns until we’ve fine tuned the results and we’re nailing your conversion and dental marketing ROI.

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